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  • Episode 11 Cognitive Psychology

    Episode 11 Cognitive Psychology

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The EntreProgrammers reveal the success in the launch of this podcast where Josh, Derick and John brainstorm weekly in the arena of pure spontaneity. These 3 programmers offer extremely useful information on many different levels directly related to synchronizing entrepreneurial marketing efforts with lifestyle. And it’s not just for programmers as the […]

  • Episode 10 The Arena of Quack

    Episode 10 The Arena of Quack

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The reality of it is, being a good entrepreneur can also mean being healthy – good things come from good health. The EntreProgrammers, always transparent in this podcast, reveal some of their health issues in a heated debate on medical and chiropractic quackery. John, Josh and Derick take a look at elements […]