Episode 99 “Bookkeeping Time”

Episode 99 “Bookkeeping Time”



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Episode 99 “Bookkeeping Time”


We’re Live

No Chuck today! Josh compares John and Derick camera quality.  Derick tells us about trying to get back into the swing of things.


Derick tells us he is reading “The Automatic Customer” by John Warrilow. Derick says he is taking away a lot of information form this book to help with Watch Me Code subscriptions and other parts of his business.


Josh asks if this book is geared toward SAAS type business or businesses like Derick’s.  Derick mentions this book covers all different angles of subscription type businesses and more. Derick hopes in the near future, he should be able to make a livable income on Watch Me Code alone.


Derick lost 40 subscribers for a variety of reasons, including credit card expirations. Josh says he should only be getting at least 10 cancellations a month, due to expirations. Derick remedies charge failures with a few tools in place, like Baremetrics.


Derick mentions some 46 credit cards failing in the last month according to his Stripe account. Derick mentions that Stripe sends a risk notification about coming credit card expirations. Derick says he is awaiting more cancellations, because of the Holiday spending.


Derick recorded two more Watch Me Code videos, delivering content that some people have been asking for. Derick says he should start Watch Me Crochet.


Derick mentions his final income was 160,000 dollars, 70 thousand is from his entrepreneurial efforts for Watch Me Code, and LeanPub. Josh mentions that Derick seems to be less stressed after shutting down SignalLeaf.


John mentions introducing a new technical project to Simple Programmer as a collaboration project with Derick.


Josh finally gets his bookkeeping in order. Here are Josh’s priorities for the new year, Giving, IRA, Savings, and Emergency. Josh says he tracked his spending for 10 hours in Quick Books. Josh finally solves his categorizing for expenses.


Josh says he recently spent some time writing about bookkeeping when he didn’t know what to write about during his morning emails and blogging.


Josh tells us he did a Copy Hour. Copy Hour is the course that he has been promoting. Josh is still running the price testing with Simple Programmer. Josh mentions changing the price on the How to Market Yourself Course, and it is still selling.


John is now in San Diego, exploring the city. Possibly looking to move to California. John has been pumping out videos and working well with the new video editor.


John thinks that Quick Books is a sleazy company with sleazy practices. But, John is still looking to find someone to do book keeping for Simple Programmer.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


John mentions that his father in law influence him to watch The Walking Dead. Beside that Johns is exploring other ways to create more content for Simple Programmer, possibly a course on “How to Build a Business.” Josh and John discuss that example stories for a biography.


John mentions he has been giving more thought to do a “How to Overcome Fear” course. Maybe after executing the serious projects first. John gives a lesson in over coming the fear of flying. John at some point plans to skydive.


John updates that his vision improvement test did not work for him. But he says the level of dedication needs to be higher in order to make a small improvement. Maybe the dedication of a pilot wanting to fly again, would be enough.


Derick talks about doing another bundle on Express JS, similar to his Rabbit MQ bundle. Overall, Rabbit MQ made $14,000 for Derick.


Josh talks about having a difficult time setting goals, especially with all the projects that are coming up.


John explains the validity of a 5 year goal, rather than a 1 year goal. Josh talks about how all his expectations and an entrepreneur had change in the last 3 months.


John says to look your goal at the end point, and find what it is that you can do to achieve that result.


Here is a discussion about discrimination, circumstances, advantages, and disadvantages of those in society. Yikes.

Thoughts for the Week

Derick picks of the week:  “The Automatic Customer” by John Warrilow

Derick – “If you can’t question your own beliefs, you will never know they are true, you will only believe that they are…”

John  –  You can choose whatever reality you want…Or you can defy what statics you want.

Josh – Be consistent over time…