Episode 98 “The Fear of Roller Coasters”

Episode 98 “The Fear of Roller Coasters”


Episode 98 “Fear of Roller Coasters”


We’re Live! Just John and Josh today! Chuck has the day off and Derick is on vacation. John tells us about his roller coaster ride.


Josh shares his experience on a ropes course when in he was in a college. John shares a similar experience on over coming a fear of heights.


Josh mentions reading Tony Robbins “Money: Master the Game,” Josh talks about the interesting study on stress.


John talks about how making the choice to over come a fear is far more beneficial, rather than being forced of told to do so.


Josh talks about how the price test is still kicking butt on Simple Programmer. Josh and John discuss the price changes and how the conversions are still looking good.

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John talks about an interesting strategy and launch by Brian, and how this strategy could help them price the different tiers of “How To Market Yourself.” Josh and John discuss the mid price for the tiers, and how to prices out the higher level packages.


John talks about the changing to a payment plan, instead of a huge price point all together.


Josh talks about people trying to get a tax break before the new year.  John talks about an interesting pricing strategy for a course by Jason Zook.


John mentions that for the product sales they’ve reached 8300 dollar. Josh mentions he will have reach milestone 1 with Simple Programmer.


Josh does a shout out to Rob about a feature in Drip, possibly a bug with the commas and such.


John mentions the sales on Soft Skills, and also doing a couple of podcasts.


John talks about getting the pricing of  tiers together and plans for the next few weeks. Josh talks about optimizing the content in his emails for congruency with other content like in John’s videos.


Derick gets and assignment for John and Josh. John shares how the empire of Simple Programmer works.  John talks about figuring out a strategy to grow on Youtube and with subscribers.


John talks about Paid Acquisition to grow the company. Josh talks about the marketing possibilities of marketing on Facebook. John talks about the growth of Simple Programmer subscribers on Youtube.


Josh mentions marketing strategy of Neil Patel at Crazy Egg.



Josh mentions hiring a Facebook pro to do the marketing on social media and Facebook.


Josh talks about getting his investment situation squared away. Josh is looking into Mutual Funds according to John Bogle’s books.  Josh share the he fired his financial advisor and took control of his accounts. Josh shares his plans to handle the accounts.


John compares poker and trading stocks. Josh to shares his investing plans for the year. Josh talks about how investing is buildings wealth over time rather than getting rich.


John talks about Wealth Front, for investing services. Here is a discussion on fees when investing.

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Thoughts of the Week

John – Take responsibility for everything in your life

Josh – Don’t outsource the important part of your life

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom