Episode 96 “Buy High Quality Yarn…”

Episode 96 “Buy High Quality Yarn…”


Episode 96 “Buy High Quality Yarn…”


We’re Live!

John defends his Surface book camera issues and bandwidth issues in the transfers.


Derick does not know what is going on with the dropping numbers of subscribers. Derick mentions that most unsubscribes are due to people not having time and changes formats.   Derick mentions how Drip creates tools he needed on demand.


Chuck mentions a customer complaining about not being able to get a Black Friday deal. Derick is in favor of getting rid of time zones. One global wide time zone maybe a great money saver? Chuck talks about builds now working, due to time zones.


John talks about explaining something to someone according to time zones. Derick’s kids gift him with a Star Wars crocheting kit. Chuck think that Watch Me Code with rebound after the holidays are over. Derick mention that every time there is a drop in something business, they always say “It that time of the year.”


John mentions to focus on the goal, rather than the results. Josh says Derick’s has been growing in a stair step fashion.


John speaks about thinking about how their individual businesses are helping people, and that is a bigger reason for running a business. Derick talks about the projects that excite him and feedback that make it worth doing. Derick talks about new sponsor signing on for Q1 on the EntreProgrammers podcast.



John talk about his experience with the Tony Robbin’s event Date With Destiny. John talks about  his exceptions of the event and people in ran into.


John talks about discovering the Art of Achievement as the next step for his career. John talks about gaining insight on values. John talks about the being able to feel a change


John feels the impact of the Tony Robbin’s event and realize another understanding of success. John recommends that Tony Robbin’s events are worth the money. John recommend watching the TED talk of Tony Robbins to get a better idea of what the event is about.


John shares more on the event, activities, exercises, and action items.


Chuck mentions his 36th birthday just pass, and taking care of his father needs. Chuck realizes caring for his family is top priority. Chuck realizes that he has to take care of himself more, and watch out for his future health.


Derick says that caring for his family is the reason he needs his business to work. Derick talks about when he realized his moment of relief when he shut down SignalLeaf.


John talks about “coincidences” and similar patterns each member is having within the EntreProgrammers.


Chuck ask for feedback on the Text To Join project.  Chuck shares in some challenges with funds, and making ends things come together.


Chuck shares his thoughts on paying himself a salary and having an emergency fund. Chuck says he wants the adventure in choosing what he wants to do, without the stress.  Chuck mentions “The Eventual Millionaire” podcast and the action items he is implementing.


Derick mentions that one has to adjust to the level of uncertainty no matter what time management system you are using. John talk about rewriting the future of your plan.


Chuck says his rule about breaks is to walk away from his computer, and flirting with his wife, or play games on his phone.  Derick is still on his winter crocheting run.


Josh brings up some new features of Drip maybe offering.  The EntreProgrammers take turns apologizing to Rob for talking about these feature early. Josh endlessly talks about the exciting Drip features. Nerd.


Josh talks about a possible customer who is in the Home Building and Real Estate niche. Josh talks about bumping up is fees. Josh talks about his coaching strategies for a student and her emails. Josh gives some feedback on a coaching call that his student has won.


Josh will be promoting Sumome on his list. Derick mention he lost two subscribers as he was on the call.

Thoughts the Week!

Chuck  – If you want something acted on it!

Josh –  Most people under estimate what they can do in a day…

John –  “Achieve without fulfillment, is the ultimate failure”

Derick – Buy high quality yarn… Take a step back and relax…