Episode 86 “Steak, Eggs, and Butter”

Episode 86 “Steak, Eggs, and Butter”


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EntreProgrammers Episode 86

“Steak, Eggs, and Butter”


We’re Live!

EntreProgrammers talk about using earbuds while driving and breaking the law. Using bluetooth headphones, and some  of the issues that arise while doing errands.


Chucks talks about the bluetooth cassette. Here is some talk about the good ole Radio Shack. Derick talks about only using Radio Shack for Arduino parts.


John is not sure his vision is improving, he is still experimenting with other type of reading glasses.  He mentions if there is no progress in a month he may ditch the experiment.


John experiments with his diet and vision are a ticking time bomb, says Derick.


The EntreProgrammers talk about the Dvorak keyboard. Also, a show and tell of their keyboard preferences.


Derick mentioned the Jeff Atwood keyboard and blog. Also some talk about the Page-up function. Function+Up Down Arrows.


John mentions the Surface book. He would have bought a Surface Book a year ago if it was out then.


Derick mentions that El Captain OSX is finally catching up to some of the function of Microsoft.


Derick sent of his first email pitch for his Watch Me Code series. And the best of campaign, with a 32% open rate.  Derick shares his ideas with the marketing strategy with the Watch Me Code subscription.


John thinks that this strategy is going to work for Derick and have some great conversion rates. John talks about the aggressive pitching and how the may or may not help.


The EntreProgrammers talks about the settings on Drip, and how to to read the tracking and open rates on the emails. The EntreProgrammers discuss the lead scores and which to pitch too. They mention that they may eventually get an email from Rob Walling.


John suggest pitching to a larger group instead of a smaller group, even if there may be some unsubscribes.


Derick mentions what he is going to do with his email pitch, based on the conversation with the mastermind.  John mentions a 2 week email sequence before the primary email list, then the pitch. John talks about the bulk import, and things to watch out for when implementing this action.


Derick decides he is going to do this campaign in the next few weeks.


Chuck did a Periscope everyday last week. He mentions the great feedback he has been getting with this strategy.


Chuck’sDev Chat TV manual has turn into a book, this is has gone from a dev chat tv manual to a book about podcasting. John mentions that Chuck needs to hire someone from Upwork who knows Adobe InDesign to create the book design for Chuck.


John mentions to sell on multiple platforms. In order to maximize on it. Josh suggest focusing on writing to book first.


Chuck mentions reading “The Alchemist” by Pualo Coelho


John thinks that to many platforms may be dicey. John talks about the define lines between the many different things Chuck is doing as far as Podcast course, developing, and how to run a business.  Josh talks about how to blog about each, rather it is personal or business.


Derick talks about how he found a sweet spot in his work life and family life. He said that he does not feel like he needs to work more then he has too. Also, he had a realization that he has reached a career goal that he had dreamed of since high school.


John mentions that he is glad for Derick, and feels that it is worth it to work and go at life at a comfortable pace. John mentions the Attitude of Gratitude and living the dream.


John shares his crazy week of 80% fat diet. He feels more energy everyday. John goes to McDonalds to hits his Daily Marcos.


John does a big sale and talks about the bulk email screw up, and having to do manual fixes in the emails. And after some struggles, John was able to bring in 10k. John shares some information on a blogging course.


John has just signup for Perfect Marketing to help with the retargeting of traffic and optimization.


John talks about DPD and having to create a new store, for the 5 dollar book. Also some talks about Gumroad and Vat Tax.


Josh is trying a steak and eggs diet, with shots of heavy cream.   Josh mentions he is getting sick from the butter on the eggs.


DigitalOcean simplifies cloud infrastructure for developers. Choose your favorite distro, select your region, and spin up an SSD server in under a minute. Pricing starts at $5/mo for 512MB RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB SSD, 1 TB transfer. Use promo ENTREPROGRAMMERS for $10 credit.


Josh is try to step up his writing to create engaging people. Josh is doing new pitches for Copy critique and Discover process package He is creating a new contact form to categorize the level of the project. Serious people only!


Josh talks about the leverage of a guess post. Josh mentions that he has to be careful who he does a guess post with.

Thoughts of the Week

John – You’ll hate your hobby, if you are starting to get paid for it.

Josh – Relearn how important goals are to you.

Chuck – If you are communicating with someone, then your have the opportunity to make a difference.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Jeff Atwood


Surface Book


“The Alchemist” by Pualo Coelho


Perfect Marketing