Episode 85 Interesting, If Not Beneficial

Episode 85 Interesting, If Not Beneficial


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EntreProgrammers Episode 85
Interesting, If Not Beneficial

Alright we’re live! John is already working on improving is vision. John says it is to soon to tell if his experiment is working. John’s mentions that his wife is doing the eye exercises as well. She may be on to something, as her last vision test was a small improvement.

John is doing the 48 hour fasting experiment. He mentioned he is suffering some mental challenges by not eating enough. John is now experimenting with a 85% fat diet. John says its is similar to to Paleo diet. Johns explains how the Ketosis diet works.

Derick subscribers are still growing since he announced his birthday sales. He thinks the primary difference is that he is talking about Watch Me Code to his email list. Derick talks about all the different series that are available on the new series page. This page should work well on any device your using from tablets to desktop.

Derick mentions that he is sending more email then he ever has. Derick talks about the new email sequence he is implementing. John is interested in the strategy Derick is trying out. John thinks this will filter out those who are not so interested. Derick may have to deal with un-subscribers with all these email going out.

Derick talks about a double opt-in for his email strategy, and shares how his strategy is slightly different from Ben Settle’s .

Derick thinks his new strategy will drive new traffic to his page. John is curious to see what will happen with Derick’s new email strategy. Derick is excited that these are subscribers who are not using coupons and discount codes.

Derick mentions doing a podcast interview with Matt Krammer. MK 015 “Using Email List for Traction.” Derick also mentions that there are no traces of SignalLeaf anymore, it is completely dead!

John asks why he couldn’t make his iPhone into to a webcam or at least connected to his computer over wifi or usb? Is there an app for this feature?

Josh mentions that Derick’s email strategy may lead to an influx of sales, then a drop off. Derick mentions that he is two weeks ahead or his work. Derick thinks that his productive is due to killing SignalLeaf, and his son’s health is stabilizing.

Chuck hosted the Angular Remote Conf. last week. Chuck mentions that everything went well and got a ton of great feedback. People have asked Chuck to do a monthly Remote Conference. John thinks a yearly pass that allows you to pick from four out of six for the year is a good idea. Chuck is still playing with the idea, but thinking about doing six remote conferences.

John thinks that Chuck may have found his synergy with podcasting and remote conference.

Chuck is talking about creating apps for the new “AppleTV” type systems. This will mean approaching media companies who want to be on this new platform. Welcome to “TV Chuck.” Josh ask Chuck if he has read “Million Dollar Consulting,” a great suggestion for this type of venture.

Josh talks about how he was approach by a certain prospect. Josh was reluctant to take on this client. Josh talks about the process and changes he is implementing with the new client he is taking on.

Josh gets a new iPhone 6s, and talks about the 3D touch feature. The EntreProgrammers talk about the cell phone companies systems and upgrades. Derick talks about how his service is grandfathered in on the unlimited data for 35 dollars.

John mentions the the Google cell phone service. Hmm, that may make Android profitable finally, Derick says.


DigitalOcean simplifies cloud infrastructure for developers. Choose your favorite distro, select your region, and spin up an SSD server in under a minute. Pricing starts at $5/mo for 512MB RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB SSD, 1 TB transfer. Use promo ENTREPROGRAMMERS for $10 credit.

Josh drops a few quotes from Hacker News. Josh shares some feedback about Infusion Soft consultants. Josh was not received well by the letters he mailed out. However, he has the consultants talking about the handwritten letters. Josh talks about the plan B, if this strategy does not work.

Chuck asks Josh how to go about posting a news letters on LinkedIn. Josh talks about the importance of the subject line and how to create a engaging title.

Josh maybe taking over certain sections on Simple Programmer. John shares his future plans with Simple Programmer.

John talks about how he redesigned the podcast page, products pages and resources page on Simple programmer.

John is having issuing from Reddit. Derick blocked Reddit and redirected the traffic to Google.

The EntreProgrammers discuss the difference between the Pop-up and the Welcome Mat.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Keep the positive mindset.

Josh – Spend the time to re-enforce the value

Derick – Your mailing list is your life blood.

John – Don’t keep doing something, just because you were doing it before…

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Ben Settle

Matt Krammer Podcact with Derick Bailey

“Million Dollar Consulting” by Alan Weiss