Episode 60 A Lesson In Marketing

Episode 60 A Lesson In Marketing

Episode 60 A Lesson in Marketing

Today’s Group – John, Josh, Derick, Chuck, and Keith Perhac

0:17 – All right, We’re Live!

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2:22 – John gives an introduction to Keith Perhac, co-host of the Kalzumeus Podcast. Keith is a digital marketing guru of DelfiNet. http://delfi-net.com, and check out this podcast at http://www.kalzumeus.com

Professional Counsel

5:54 – Derick asked Keith a few questions about how to package his screencast products for marketing, should he sell his product by category levels or tiers to get the best returns.

13:09 – Keith shares his insight on package bundles that have Work Sheets attached. Reason being is that some people have tons of time or money, and worksheets are a quick checklist to success. It creates value by way of getting your customer on the fast track to their goals. It is a time saver, because every developer/entrepreneurs needs to beat the learning curve.

14:29 – Chuck asked Keith of about how he could monetize a weekly or monthly video series subscription. What could Chuck do, Tiers, Videos, Webinars, E-Books, and various kinds of Tier subscriptions.

These EntreProgrammers discuss the various ways to package and monetize their products. These are subscriptions tiers and access to the communities that they have created for networking, and general access to viewing instructional material.

17:06 – Chuck explains his trials with his products subscriptions, podcast, and videos.


20:02 – Keith talks about how valuable coaching is to customers, and should not be discounted. However, discount coaching might be possible if this was a continuous service, to keep it appealing for the client.

24:41 – John suggest presenting a formal landing page for coaching services and advertising. This concept provides a final and transparent documentation of coaching service cost, and a final set price.

28:00 – John has a question about the pricing of his material, How to Market Yourself package. John’s idea is to make more revenue over time, rather than converting customers with discounted versions of his product.

31:19 – Here is a discussion about the extreme price of the Apple Watch special edition. Keith makes an interesting point about the price gimmick of theses watches. Keith explains that they are set high, and perhaps, not expected to sell huge. However, this creates the illusion that consumer tier Apple watches appear cheaper and affordable at 550 dollars. Nice marketing trick!

Keith shares information on funneling your customers to your products. He also talks about the trials and errors on how to make your marketing efforts worth your time.

41:41 – Keith asks what the team uses for their CRM (customer relationship management) or email system. John responds that Drip is their main system. The group discusses the hundreds of features Drip offers and which ones they enjoy the most.

This section is great for understanding how CRMs could give you feedback stats, and data that could help you manage your sales. Understanding analytical feedback can provide information on the demographic your sales, and whom you need to target in the forthcoming sales.

53:28 – John shares his impromptu sale of How To Market Yourself. John tries a generic type of sales approach, with no particular link to holidays or special events. Josh suggests that even a random reason like a “snow day” could be a great sales motive. Keith talks about the emotional connection that people often make with such random topics or events, which then ultimately generates a frenzy of customers.

1:06:42 Keith adds that marketing is applied psychology.

1:19:53 – Chuck is staying Las Vegas for an extra day at the New Media Expo. http://nmxlive.com/2015-lv/

1:21:33 – Johns test the Thrive Leads plugin at: http://thrivethemes.com/leads/

1:25:54 – Derick subscribers are climbing by 10 a month, 370 to 326 from 6 months ago. Go Derick!

1:27:37 – John shares more about his new HD YouTube video. The first video of this revamp series is out!

1:28:48 – Josh brings up new info on the Tweet Adder update. The new feature rate limits…? http://tweetadder.com. Josh talks about the backend work of a client’s websites.

1:40:33 – John is often asked why he gives a lot of product away for free, like the blog post, etc. John explains that if they are consuming free material, they are probably willing to pay for well-organized and packaged products.

1:40:09 – Keith explains the practice of retargeting. Retargeting, the secret sauce on Internet marketing. The group continues to examine the marketing strategy of huge companies verses the small companies. Small businesses need to know the Return on Investment (ROI) and figure what area of marketing need more funds.

1:57:11 – EntreProgrammer Retreat: tentative dates are October 16-19, 2015. Cost is about $1200. For more information email or visit: https://entreprogrammers.com/retreat2015

You can find more information on Keith Perhac; http://delfi-net.com or http://www.kalzumeus.com

Thoughts of the Day  

Derick – Face your fears head-on

Chuck – Read: The Richest Man In Babylon

John – Don’t try to get caught up, focus on opportunity

Josh – Sleep get it while you can…

Keith – How do we make people feel special…

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