Episode 55 “I Just Want It To Be Fast, Dang It!”

Episode 55 “I Just Want It To Be Fast, Dang It!”

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EntreProgrammers Episode 55 “I Just Want It To Be Fast, Dang It!”


1:07 – Alright , We’re Live! No Chuck today. Boo. Derick describes his travel disasters due to snow in Dallas/Fort Worth. Icepocalypse 2015!

4:32 – As Derick thaws out for his northern expedition… He had a great conference in Manitoba.   Now, ready to rev-up for the next conference SpaceCityJS in Houston TX. Also, more on strategies and tactics to streamline information on website and backend information.

13:00 – John talks about migrating to different servers for lighting fast web speeds. More talk on prices, and how to get deals because of his promotion efforts. Maybe updates to the theme on the EntreProgrammers site? Tons of web tinkering information for beginners! Optimization or Fastification!


31:05 – John’s Author Summit in Salt Lake City


Royalty treatment for yours truly, Sir John Sonmez, walks the orange carpet.

John had great networking and contacts and PluralSight author summit. Super Levarge!

John finally meets Chuck for the first time.

40:28 – John host a webinar with Dan Martel https://clarity.fm/danmartell/

43:53 – John advertisements get him paid with BlueHost http://www.bluehost.com/

45:23 – John setting up an IFTT for mailchimp to Drip.

48:00 – Paid advertisements in the works. Anyone? Possibly, out source advertisement to someone who knows multiple platforms.   When, Who, Where and How…

 52:41 – Entrepreneurial skills begin to stretch-out as John finds himself needing more help, and ways to free up his time to do more important things. But, he finds it difficult to let the reins go and still get things done.

54:35 – Josh and Derick give excellent advise to seek professional counsel for the next level break through. “It’s Gonna Go Boom!”

John’s ADHD and Medication. Redlining RPMs!

The EntreProgrammers discuss the types of growth (exponential, long term) and the areas to focus on that may be slowing the growth entirety of Simpleprogrammer.


1:00:02– John gives a list of his weekly task. Check it out! Take a look at the life of a successful programmer, in-depth and explained.


1:07:39 Purged his list, deletes 10,000 emails.

Josh shares that Drip has account export. He intentional saves a stack of emails…

Next, project is a webinar and coaching. John gives feedback of things to try or implement for higher results. John suspects that patrons of Josh’s Sublime movement, maybe a bit more fugal. Maybe the reason Josh’s sales are lower than expected.

1:21:23 – Josh working incognito? Copyright gig? Well-known marketer? Whaaaat?

Listen to Josh’s clever application submission, excellent way to grab attention and get recognize.

1:27:28 – Massive growth of EntreProgrammers followers, 6 week average 1300 followers, 67,000 downloads… Big leaps friends. Thank you!

Derick shares about subscribers’ benefits for his screen cast of rabbitmq.

1:32:27 – John recommends the Entertainment Book! 6 buck for coupons. But it’s the concept of how the book works that is genius.

Derick mentions how he justifies the cost of things.


1:36:28 – EntreProgrammers talk about the ideas of value base pricing. Theses programmers have some serious books, information, and the how-to implement ways to save and make money.

Information on the Discovery Contract: Consultant discovers your faulty points in your business, and gets paid for it.

1:48:00 – John reveals how he installed a WordPress plugin (Transposh), to translated his blog into varies languages. Sluggish webpage, I think so…


Thought For the Day!

Josh “Do nice things for people”

Derick “Just show up everyday”

John “Live by the sword, die by the sword”

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