Episode 54 “I’m Not Playing Slot Machines”

Episode 54 “I’m Not Playing Slot Machines”

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EntreProgrammers Episode 54 “I’m Not Playing Slot Machines”


2:13 – And We’re Live! Wait, without John?

Derick launches his Pro ExpressJS Screen Cast Bundle. Doing well on sales.

Josh mentions Drip’s new drop down menu for time zone selections. Also an excellent default admin time zone feature added. Charles gives homage to Drip’s features and usability.

Charles and Derick give information on advertisement and campaigns. Both have multiple strategies on how to setup these types of marketing and developing task. Also, using the Drip feature in such away that your accounts are separate, but easy to monitor several accounts.


The EntreProgrammers give Mandy at http://www.devreps.com two thumbs up! Great collaboration


Josh does a webinar with Sean Fiorito of Sketching With CSS http://www.sketchingwithcss.com


Charles is working on ways to incorporate ads in with his show notes.


Kick starter campaign talk by Charles.

Stripe Account vs. Merchant Account, Derick explains why he favors Stripe. Maybe PayPal, a little bit..kinda? Derick does not bash Merchant, but is even willing to use PayPal.

35:41 – John joins the wolf pack, “I’m Not Playing Slot Machines.”

Derick and John, both notice a difference with buyers who use PayPal, more users and increase sales. John makes a good point that using PayPal bypasses the entering of credit card information. That maybe that deal breaker, quick and easy.

42:00 – John, headed to an author retreat in Salt Lake City.

John buys a new iPhone 6 plus. Discussion of how these programmers use data, texting, calling. This cellular data usage is what makes the word go-around! Lets just throw money into their pockets…

53:45 – Mayday mayday Chuck in on mute!

Josh compares the iPhone 6 to a handling live fish, slippery.

1:00:00 Health! John runs 10K, 3 times per week.  Kill’n it!

tel 1:00:05

Charles inquires about how to reach out to people for his Kick Starter program. Specifically on how to space out the advertisements. Also, he plans to launch the Ruby Remote Comp in June 2015. Charles has several speakers line-up for Ruby Remote Comp.


John took is MacBook in for diagnostic test.

1:17:20 – Surface Pro 3, Profitable? Really?

Josh vents about how he has to rewrite code to fix compatibility with 64bit systems. Darn it Apple!

1:23:02 – Josh gets another VSL (video sales letter) project. Topic: Natural Gas. Fart jokes anyone?

1:26:20 – John gets a response from Ryan Holiday, about John’s book, Soft Skills.

1:32:15 – A recap for John, Tardy boy!

1:36:30 – John starts coaching services page at http://simpleprogrammer.com/coaching-services/

1:41:09 – Derick is head to Manitoba next week for the Prairie DEVCON, March 2-3, 2015. http://www.prairiedevcon.com

Are these EntreProgrammers are working top secret? Hush hush Projects?

Thoughts for the Day!

Derick- Leverage!

Josh – Nothing yet…(Stay away for iOS)

John – “Get knocked down 6 times, get up 7”

Charles – “Just keep going.”

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