Episode 53 “It’s All Megabytes Man”

Episode 53 “It’s All Megabytes Man”

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EntreProgrammers Episode 53  “Its All Megabytes man!”


Derick decides to torcher us with more acapella singing “ For the first time in forever!”

13 reviews for EntreProgrammers, up 2 reviews since the last.


John expresses his dislike with Apple’s review process, and their denying the problems with the 2012 Macbook Pro screen. Own It and Fix It!


So what is going on in the world of the EntreProgrammers?

Derick is swapped with preparing a talk and work on batch processes scheduling with new developed software.


Healthy Diet? Eating One Meal A Day?

John describes his gorging on a foot and a half long sub and cheesecake. As, Derick tries not to think of the “Brisket Nachos” from the previous night. So in between work, family and kids, and paying “Uncle Sam” these programmers struggle with grazing in the green pastures. Grass Fed Programmers?


Express.js talk!

Derick talks about his Drip Campaign for launching the Express.js screen cast series.


This is going to be a valuable series, showing how to do things right with Express.js; routes, middleware, and cleaning up code. Watch out, 4 pro tips by Derick!


Java script pitch

Free videos and working and are gaining followers! Praise to guess Jake from episode 51, his advice is help Derick’s YouTube videos.


John spoke with Dan Martell, who shares advice on how distinct his production and marketing strategies impact his product.



Derick “toots his horn” about his RabitMQ series vidoes. No, idea what he’s talking about? But, a bunch of cool programmer jargon. This guy needs to solve world hunger…




Sponsors, Telerik and Drip, Merci Beaucoup!


Drips Been Kill’n It!

Josh raves about the new features Drip offers. Lead Scoring rocks!



John trims his list 1500 and improves his opening rates.


John shares the success with his course on How To Market Yourself, the success is attributed to his email course.


Blog Post on Life Hacker! Evergreen Traffic

John submits the Joel Test for Programmers! http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000043.html



Best Selling author Ryan Holiday

John get advice for Ryan, possible re-launch of Soft Skills. Also, having a huge mailing list +8,000 could help with acquiring guess post. Again, focus on “Leverage.”


John is going to make an appearance on McMethod podcast- http://www.themcmethod.com/facebook-marketing-master-derek/


John did an interview with Paul Mooney, who did a show on- http://www.dotnetrocks.com

John mentions he has growth of 30%, currently has 3100 subscribers on YouTube. He can seem drop some things due to the exciting growth of projects.


Josh Takes the Floor with Advertisement Campaigns

Josh is updating his Google AdWords site, cleaning out the cobwebs.

He is gearing up to do a webinar with 200 signups, next week.

Johns suggest that Josh ways to scale up, his advertisements and increase the stream, using Reddit.


A Thugz Life!

Josh is apart of a copyright project for dog performance enhancement. This is a much see section a josh explains is challenge.

Sublime Text

Josh talks about his projects with Sublime Text.



Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

John mentions he is reading Millionaire Fastlane. He expresses his thoughts on the takeaway of the book. “Become the franchise owner” Good reads!


John reaches Pat Flynn’s executive assistant. A possible future interview, maybe?


Thought for the Day

As John searches for deep meaning in life, he suggests signing off with a thought for the day.

Derick steals John’s “It’s about the process, not perfection.”