Episode 52 How ‘Merica Is This

Episode 52 How ‘Merica Is This

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EntreProgrammers Episode 52 “How ‘Merica Is This”


Derick sings “Let It Go”


The Enterprogrammers have a discussion of the Dropbox integration with SignalLeaf.Derrick mentions the excellent integration of Dropbox with SignalLeaf. Great new feature is the ID tag recognition. Things to fix or update, is the date feature. Derick talks about how podcasters are eager to make the exciting switch to have excess to the time saving features. SignalLeaf


Derrick explains the integration features and how-to-do list for dates, publishing…etc.


Charles suggests creating videos on “how to publish podcast in less then a minute,” or other “how-to videos in less then a minute.”

John speaks highly of audio books Traction by Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinbreg, and Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins. Money, Master the Game is a game changer for new comers and the tried & true entrepreneurs. TractionBook

John talks about how successful entrepreneurs invest in seminars despite the extreme cost.


Telerik Platform enables developers to build, connect, test and deploy cross-platform mobile apps using any approach – web, hybrid or native. Leverage the power of Telerik UI tools in a complete cloud platform to create outstanding user experiences. Try Telerik Platform now. 


The Wrap Up of JS Remote Comp

Charles shares the positive feed back with JS Remote Comp. Charles also discovered new ideas for conferences in future. The Team has more discussion about Ruby and design features.

Charles continues on about his consulting business, and what he thinks is helping the business to pickup.


“Soft Skills”

John talks about the 5 soft kills every software engineer should know. John give emphasis on the delivering great of the presentations and how it is very important to be captivating. John was able to sale products or courses and get sign-ups and acquire more email addresses.


Derick will be speaking at Praire Dev Con at Manitoba in March and giving the keynote Space City JS in Houston, TX. He will be giving insight on the entrepreneurial and developmental aspects as a developer.


John interviewing Dan Martell, a Canadian Entrepreneur, CEO/Founder of Clarity, Angel Investor. Also, an speak with, Ryan Holiday, an author and marketer. John will possibly use his help with marketing John’s book, Soft Skills.

John shares his thoughts on using “Leverage” to his advantage for the advertisement of his book.

John shares his thoughts and plan to implement some outsource some marketing, editing, planning and taking over weekly task for John’s share of work.

The Mastermind team contributes to the idea of their ideal workhorse team member to take over small tasks.

John jokingly admits the thoughts of getting a “real job.” Not!


John gives the key points about gaining or buying your freedom. This section has great information on books and individuals who prescribe actions and practices to achieve this lifestyle.

Josh and the team discussed the value of attending conferences. How the smallest ideas plant a seed and lead to triumph!


Josh gives information of his February 25th Webinar with book author.


John asks, “What do you think about using Slack?” The team discusses which type of chat service would be most useful. P2, Slack.


Entreprogrammers Retreat discussion: September or October, maybe?

10 Slots for five hundred dollars, possibly?

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