Episode 51 Ship ‘em Pears

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The EntreProgrammers Podcast

(Reminder: We’re back to 1 full episode. Feel better, now?)

Of course, one of the great ways to learn and make new friends to scam on, is at a conference. Chuck has 3 more days left for his online conference which is turning out to be a total success: February 10th, 11th, and 12th.

The conference is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on each of these 3 days.

John is one of the speakers; you can hear him on the 12th.


There’s a lot to putting on a good conference and if you want some super insider tips…that’s right, Chuck gives them to you in this episode.

The weak in review, Chuck wasn’t sure whether to offer money to the speakers. You’ll find that when approaching potential speakers for your conference, keep money out-of the equation. You can get the details at 1:20:00 in this episode.

Many of you will want to attend Chuck’s conference: JS Remote Conf. To go to this online conference, click this link.

Chuck uses this Internet tool for the conference.
The EntreProgrammers featured guest is Jacob Williams. He’s the developer of WiLDacademy. Click here.

Jake requests that The EntreProgrammers, at some point in their Mastermind session, address people who are just starting-out in the programming arena which will double in the next year.


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In a comment about the show, Jake recommended to The EntreProgrammers to show a picture of their listeners; for example, Jake shows Lavell Edwards Stadium which holds about 65,000 people. Jake gets about 65,000 viewers on YouTube.


In addition Jake said, “When you are looking for a sponsor you have to show consistency.”

Jake is also a designer in 3D modeling and landscape and interior design. Plus, with his wife involved, they participate in Foster Care.

Jake talks about a prior business he created, called, Fix A Phone, which he later sold and then started WildLandscaping.

Do a story on potential client. Did Jake get an education? He’s a writer, too. Jake was having a hard time seeing a certain CEO; so, he called and made arrangements to interview this CEO and do his story.

John will have a video-chat with John Martell.

Another way to get in touch with the hard to find person is to buy their product and immediately email them right afterwards – quick hook-up.

Jake gives some fascinating insight to YouTube formats @ 30:32 into this episode.
Kick-starter campaign — Charles is developing marketing strategies to beginners as well as intermediates and looks for solid ideas to create this approach without discouraging his listeners.

Based on his experience, John cautions Charles regarding a focus on intermediate programmers; programmers are expected to double in number in the next year; they will all be beginners.

Jake brings-up a rather fascinating point: no one is teaching programmers how to be programmers so they can get a job. What?

John suggests that teachers be replaced and students sent down a funnel to get their education K – 12.

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