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Drip is the future of email marketing software. It gives you you the ability to send emails based on a person’s click behavior, purchase behavior, or any other behavioral data you gather so you can send highly personalized emails to close more leads and retain customers. At this point you’ve likely outgrown your entry-level email marketing tool and find yourself adding hack after hack to try to keep up with your marketing needs. At your stage, static email newsletters just aren’t cutting it anymore. That’s where Drip comes in…

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

One day, you will look back and say, “I knew The EntreProgrammers when…”

You are the fly on the wall. Get comfy because you’re not going anywhere. This fiercely heated debate has captured you in the EntreProgrammers arena.

Well, we screwed-up again – thinking to divide each episode into 2 parts, really – but you unscrewed our twisted minds and so we fixed it; episodes of The EntreProgrammers Podcast will not be divided into 2 parts beginning with Episode 50 Sponsors! Nice! Nice!

Once again, The EntreProgrammers saved by you.

All EntreProgrammers’ minds – twisted at birth – do greatly appreciate your guiding comments. Otherwise, how would we show you to be the greatest of spammer-scammers if we couldn’t spamm-scamm your ideas (to make them look like ours)?

Don’t answer that. Quick, what’s next?

Oh yes, 2 sponsors, now – Cool! Keep it here for more Drip and Telerik! Learn from industry giants who fear not failure…

…because there is no such thing as failure. It simply does not exist. A Portland, OR radio producer once advised a promising radio student to get radio gigs in small markets and “make a lot of mistakes.” Say what?

Mistakes are merely golden nuggets of knowledge used to grow the human experience, sometimes necessary to dig a little deeper to find them. So it was for the radio personality, one mistake after another, the golden journey of knowledge.

A good entrepreneur does not brag of knowledge wealth – be it, give it. Appreciate the positive energy in others and they will in return appreciate the positive energy in you.

Then, do a spammer-scammer digital marketing strategy like The EntreProgrammers do and sell ‘em all your stuff – “teach me how to program my friends with code tutorial.” Nice! Nice!

And so it goes for The EntreProgrammers, analyzing, resolving, to become totally transparent on the front lines in a fiercely competitive marketing entrepreneurial arena mining for those golden nuggets which are then passed on to you. (Get your boots on; it’s a little deep in here.)



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Your entrepreneurial financing is critical, of course; the more known about the subject, the better and The EntreProgrammers show you the way in this episode.

The EntreGenius tackled the Derick money crisis, quite recently; in 3 weeks Derick went from $25,000 in debt to just under $5,000 in debt. You’ll hear the details on how he did it mid-way through this episode.

However, the Derick stress level in not declining – to accomplish this, more is to be done as his awareness does fortunately guide The EntreProgrammer down the path of resolution. Derick continues to explain that his journey to debt freedom is not quite over.

Good money management eliminates the potential for experiencing extreme financial stress. A stress that is so powerful, it can literally ruin your entire life. Get it under control.

Chuck suddenly takes center stage attempting to start another argument when asking Josh, “So, Josh, what’s your next product?” This leads The EntreProgrammers into a debate about which is better to offer: the product or the consulting. Many wrestle with this issue, now.

The 4 toss this, sometimes agonizing concern, around to make sense of it all. And, apparently, not all are in agreement – independent entrepreneurial spammer scammers. Is this you? So, what do you think it should be: product or consulting?

Jump on in; leave a comment. The EntreProgrammers must know your take on this subject.

If now confronted with this issue, you most definitely want to hear this debate in depth. Where and how should you invest your money? Where and how should you invest your time?

We are talking huge lifestyle issues and developments, here. Join in. Grow yourself.

It appears that these 4 bare it all just so you can make your life a little better.

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