Episode 49.2 The Arena of Web Log

Episode 49.2 The Arena of Web Log

Drip is the future of email marketing software. It gives you you the ability to send emails based on a person’s click behavior, purchase behavior, or any other behavioral data you gather so you can send highly personalized emails to close more leads and retain customers. At this point you’ve likely outgrown your entry-level email marketing tool and find yourself adding hack after hack to try to keep up with your marketing needs. At your stage, static email newsletters just aren’t cutting it anymore. That’s where Drip comes in…

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

(If you do nothing else today, that’s OK; check-out interviewed.io below.)

These financial genius guys literally whittle Derick’s $25,000 debt down to $0.00. Then, oh ya, here it comes – Derick goes with some “positive news.” Can’t miss this Kodak moment.

JavaScript Fundamentals Screencast Bundle, by Derick, is available “at 50% off.” Do not buy this bundle; it is too good to be true. (I’m fired.) Let’s look at this from one perspective – and only one – capitalism.

Check-out this bundle and calculate how much money you will make with the knowledge that Derick gives you. So, how much? Put your calculation in comments; your perspective is “huge” to those like you. Besides, we’re curious.

In a matter of fact fashion, how much could you make in 1 year using Derick’s JavaScript Fundamentals Screencast Bundle – at 50% off, even? But, have you received your last-chance email from Derick to make the purchase?

It pays to be on Derick’s email list. Get the details at 9 minutes into this broadcast.

It also pays to research. More time should be spent on research than the actual writing of the article. What if you don’t have time? Derick has the answer to that, right here.

John McDowall
Momoko Price

Momoko Price does research for Derick. She has helped Derick significantly with Signalleaf.com and watchmecode.com

So, that’s how Derick beats the competition.

Go to kantan.io and get acquainted with Momoko Price and John McDowall.

Derick talks about them at about 10 minutes into this broadcast.

And now there is Interviewed.io. Find this detailed material at 15:11 into the broadcast. John points out the genius in this web site:

  •  Extremely useful tool
  • Who doesn’t want to have a page?
  • Big name will reply to creator of site.
  • Support creator and share it

John explains that he has an “About” page, but will point people to this well formatted web site of the well-known. He said, “I would be surprised if this doesn’t go super viral like in the next few days just because of how many big name people are going to be blasting this thing out there.”

For example, Derek Sivers. He revolutionized the way in which musicians sell their music when he created cdbaby.com. Ten years into this venture, he sold cdbaby.com for $22mil. A great deal of that money goes to help musicians grow as musicians.

His following is huge.

Derek Sivers

You will also find several fantastic interviews with the creator of Cyber PR, Ariel Hyatt and Derek Sivers on YouTube. All worth your time to watch.

In addition, Sivers recently published a series of 16 books, each is detailed with marketing, promotional material and entrepreneurial lifestyle for a certain country – 16 countries with extensively researched material directly related to that countries marketing habits.

About Derek Sivers on interviewed.io
“I’m a musician, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, and student — though not in that order. I’m fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, communication, business, philosophy, and cross-cultural relativism. I love seeing a different point of view.”

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Take care!