Episode 49.1 The Arena of Web Log

Episode 49.1 The Arena of Web Log

Drip is the future of email marketing software. It gives you you the ability to send emails based on a person’s click behavior, purchase behavior, or any other behavioral data you gather so you can send highly personalized emails to close more leads and retain customers. At this point you’ve likely outgrown your entry-level email marketing tool and find yourself adding hack after hack to try to keep up with your marketing needs. At your stage, static email newsletters just aren’t cutting it anymore. That’s where Drip comes in…

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This is part 1 of episode 49. If part 2 of episode 49 isn’t just above, well it should be. Google+ and Facebook are having their heads chopped-off in this episode; John pushes the envelope and actually does an interview – no this is true, coming-up.

Right-off, this discussion heats up fast. Is Google+ worth it? It doesn’t even give you the time of day – or does it? John seems to be straddling the fence as to its “powers.” Nonetheless, he recommends that Derick use it in marketing strategies.

This works out great for Derick because he likes Google+…”one of three people who does,” he says; then Josh jumps in with a list of reasons why he doesn’t like Google+. Check this out.

What’s your take on this? Do you use Google+? Please add to the confusion; leave your highly appreciated comments. Remember, it’s all about you and who you are. So, be you.

Where did blog come from? Web Log. If you are thinking about writing your blog, wishing about someone writing your blog or hoping someone will show you how to write your blog – really show you. Click here to subscribe to John’s blog course.

John conducted a rather interesting interview with a writer now receiving over 100,000 visits per month to his blog – he got there in 14 months. Even writers who don’t have blogs will be interested in this. “How Taiseer Joudeh Created a Wildly Popular Blog in 14 Months” – interview by John Sonmez.


Click here to view the entire video recorded interview.

If you are interested in actually seeing the blog itself, well then.

Get in on this strategy which is being created right before your much unsolicited pears. Josh says that the hard part of what John creates is the coordinating of all these different events that make the equation balance. You get it in this episode. Be there. It’s laid-out for you.

It hits the fan. Of course, you remember that last week Derick was getting tons of advice about how, and with what, to pay off his $25,000 debt. He has revealed all and in doing so this has become a great lesson on financial management in the entrepreneurial arena.

Listen quite closely as it all unravels just for you.

Josh recommends cutting-up the credit card. Not so fast, says Derick who shows good reason to keep it active. Learn the good ways to handle your credit – it can make you, or break you.

John gives good advice when offering this practice: Don’t put anything into savings when you are still in debt. Pay-off your debt, then save. Charles analyzes Derick’s financial situation, and all of The EntreProgrammers come to agreement on Derick’s plan. You’ll find this conversation at about 22:33 into the broadcast.

Don’t get rid of your credit card. Use it for everything that you purchase, advises John, who plugs a credit card company and gets nothing for it – but, hear John’s logic on how he gets paid to spend, and then gets paid to pay it off – yes, he even buys a stick of gum on his credit card. What?

Who writes this stuff?

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