Episode 47.2 A Dark Room for iOS

Episode 47.2 A Dark Room for iOS

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

With the increasing popularity of Amir’s app, he felt it necessary to have a trademark for it, taking 3 months just to get the paperwork filled-out, then another 6 months wait to allow anyone who feels it appropriate to contest Amir’s trademark application.

In this episode, he speaks about how damage to his ownership of the app could take place in that 9 months period. As it turned out, different versions of his app began to appear.

Amir tells how he dealt with this situation.

Tune-in and become involved in community development with Amir who coaches beginner programmers on game development, plus he even wants to get your parents jamming in this community.

Educated parents make it much easier for “young newbie programmer child” to explain what technology is required to create these games.

Yes, Amir will even talk to your parents and give you a good review on your app involvement in the community.

Belt colors are given to indicate that a person is advancing in Amir’s app community. He explains in detail about the Internet community that he is growing on his twitch channel.

“When you really get into game development, you’ll need a nice computer (and maybe a Mac if you want to do iOS development). Your parents will be more inclined to buy you these pricey items if they better understand what you want to do with them. This is a place where they can come and ask Amir questions.” – Source: Amir’s twitch channel

Let’s surf Code Dojo (Amir’s twitch.tv channel) located at: http://www.twitch.tv/xodiak_
“Code Dojo is a game development channel that welcomes all developers (especially beginners). If you’ve never done any game development and want to get started, this is the perfect place to get your feet wet.” And you can bring parents, too. What?

John shares an email campaign gone “south” as he finds that Drip.com email hosting has cancelled his account – so, what is an EntreProgrammer to do?

At about 22 minutes into this episode, he explains the cancellation of his email account – marketing strategy misfire.

This is an opportunity to learn how to deal with a situation like this if it ever happens to you – entrepreneurial wisdom so often needed on the front lines.

Charles is started a video campaign and it’s now your opportunity to get an early advantage to some great material.

John gives some unexpected powerful advice to Charles with respect to videography – how to do a superior profession video project at extremely low cost – you guessed it; check out your local library for video equipment access.

Do you have focus? In this episode, learn Derick’s approach to high volume productivity in the studio by practicing what he calls “his weekly focus.” He’s got it back.

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