Episode 47.1 A Dark Room for iOS

Episode 47.1 A Dark Room for iOS

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Amir Rajan is the featured guest in this episode, creator of A Dark Room for iOS.

“Notable events are listed below along with any pertinent information about how it affected downloads, reviews, emotions, and anything else that influenced the success (or failure) of A Dark Room for iOS,” writes Amir Rajan.


Be sure to check-out “Amir’s dev log for aspiring indie devs” for the blow-by-blow action leading up to the creation of this highly rated app.

Looking for “the official web site of ADR iOS?” And/or go to the web site of Amir Rajan.

Amir discusses the marketing value of the media (press) which turns-out to be surprisingly low. Interviews and write-ups in many areas did not translate into what might be considered an appropriate number of “downloads” for his extremely popular app.

He talks about the power of word-of-mouth; if engagement is involved, the results are incredible – an extremely insightful analysis of marketing and promotional strategies, how it all plays out in the highly competitive entrepreneurial arena. Listen quite closely.

Audio is used in the form of a “developer commentary” by Amir to promote engagement ending with a personal conversation with interested folks in code-land.

He reveals a rather influential marketing tactic, here, that would be employed by a wise entrepreneur seeking to increase visibility of her/his products and services across the web.

Highly impressed in another promotional aspect, Amir mentions and compares in detail how long of a tail that his creation has cast.

If you are developing software, regardless of your level of achievement, you won’t want to miss the discussion that Amir has with The EntreProgrammers in this episode – no really, it’s true.

Test it for yourself. Jump right in with your comments.

Derick strikes a good perspective when asking Amir how it all came about. Did it happen quickly like an overnight success, or was it ten years in the making?

Ten years is more like it reveals Amir, but a very calculated several years it was. You can hear in another interview explicit details governing the journey of Amir on another popular podcast in John’s: