Episode 46.2 Soft Skills

Episode 46.2 Soft Skills

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Ideal Strategy

Josh recommends that Charles sponsor his own show – interesting, don’t you think? But, Charles isn’t quite satisfied with that and wants the specifics; Josh hesitates, and John steals the show with a great marketing strategy for the many podcasts of Charles.

Clue-in to this powerful promotion recommended to Charles. Then, jump into the conversation by leaving your comments. How would you go about doing this promotion?

Charles perhaps will give a free bonus and add a ten second promo before and/or after his recommended interview – audio power, nothing like it. John uses .NET Rocks! As example of cash giveaways.


Hear John’s interview, here, on .NET Rocks! Managing Your Career with John Sonmez
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Advanced Course or Not

The discussion heats-up when The EntreProgrammers tackle a marketing issue that Charles is dealing with; his advanced listeners are saying, “No beginner material.”

What’s an EntreProgrammer to do, especially when including everyone is his way of life? The EntreProgrammers jump on this issue with insightful business sense acquired from their years of experience and feedback of dealing with this exact issue.

Get the details in the beginning arguments of Episode 46.2 Soft Skills.

Are there people who don’t like Comcast? Well, now, imagine that. Right your comments about Comcast – and anything else that you desire. Good? Not good? Comcast just froze Charles! Not a good thing, Comcast.

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