Episode 46.1 Soft Skills

Episode 46.1 Soft Skills

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

New Format

Each Episode is now 2 parts. This is Episode 46 and is labeled: 46.1 and 46.2.


Derick is briefed on last show, sort of, but decides to actually listen to episode 45 to get caught-up. Josh mentions http://Signalleaf.com and Derick runs with it. He describes all of the recent changes.

Tracking Systems

Charles takes the discussion to Mixpanel; Derick tells what it does. Along with his interpretation of Mixpanel comes several options to what you might want to use for your tracking system(s).

Podcasting for Podcasters
Charles recommends that Derick go to Fort “Worst” for a conference, a stones through from Waco. Pat Flynn is one of the featured speakers. Get all of the details, here. The conference is in Fort Worth about 205 days from now.

Rails Clips

The EntreProgrammers pound-out solutions to help Charles determine his path as an entrepreneur. Quite likely, you have been in the same position. It looks like Rails Clips.

Charles could go all-out for podcasting, but sees light at the end of the rails.

Charles wants to “buy his freedom.” – sound familiar?

Derick explains just exactly what that means and to make his point, shares a photo of John which is in John’s new book.

To get John’s book, titled, Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual
— you’ll be glad you did.
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