Episode 45 Happy New Year

Episode 45 Happy New Year

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The EntreProgrammers Podcast

In your Happy New Year, look for The EntreProgrammers Podcast to broadcast each episode in 2 parts – same show, of course – and you can still be the fly on the wall.

The EntreProgrammers hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the Happiest of New Years in 2015 with the greatest of successes in all of your entrepreneurial efforts – unsolicited pears at an all-time high in 2015.

Click video player for a New Years wish from The EntreProgrammers.

Little persons are the focus in opening discussion with Josh and Charles; Christmas, the global time of year when parents buy their kids sophisticated computers, lots of software and Drip.com to maximize their email marketing strategies – kids rule.

So, what happens when you have an in home studio where you become totally focused in creativity always found while possessed by Artistic Process and your Monster Houdini Child escapes from those new Christmas Shackles?

Well, now, isn’t this splendid; Houdini Child has taken total control of your Creative Artistic Moment (the one that feeds the entire family) and nonchalantly decides to feed your creative moment to the family puppy dog.

Oh, yes, you still need to stay creative, but now it’s for a different purpose and a completely changed focus – to patiently deal with the little person that you love more than life, itself.

Kids rule and you’ll find it listed in The EntreProgrammers handbook, under, “How Do I Get That Creative Moment Back?” This question and answer is discussed deeply by Josh and Charles in this episode.

Ever been there? It’s the emotional paradox so commonly found in the entrepreneurial arena of creative productivity which could lead to stress, depression and lack of sleep – if you don’t handle it appropriately.

Yes, you might even jump off the 8th Street Bridge. So, please listen quite closely as The EntreProgrammers bring you back to that same moment of Creativity in the spender of the Artistic Process.

Incidentally, physical and mental exhaustion often ends up in depression. The EntreProgrammers talk of experiencing lack of sleep, work exhaustion and depression.

We must know our limitations or we will pay the price for our lack of appreciation and self-awareness.
Sometimes getting to know yourself can be a little frightening and emotionally painful; embrace the fear, embrace the reality of who you painfully are; the fear and emotional pain decease; and you can live in the now.

It is to be expected that when you go to the entrepreneurial lifestyle that there will be some extreme changes in your behavior – deal with it because you can.

Josh asks the question of change and Charles tells all about his experiences and how people close to him reacted. You won’t believe how many podcasts that Charles appears on and/or produces.

The discussion also includes adrenaline driven projects because of deadlines, a need to create urgency with your own projects and the hold yourself accountable philosophy to keep you focused and motivated with vision, not to mean that you should live in the future.

Lots of emotion exists in a project. The EntreProgrammers analyze this behavior and Josh says that he likes to engage “that powerful emotional side.”

Their EntrePsychology is reflected in their discussions in this episode.

John joins the team from Washington D.C. and points out that now a productive day is based on the use of pomodoro. Click this link to find out if this techniques is for you: http://pomodorotechnique.com/

The talk of the EntreGenius pivots to the importance of an “About Page” and debate on the value of a blog and value of social media. Josh, who favors Twitter, says that Facebook is a good place to run an ad, but membership conversions are not plentiful.

John clarifies his statement: “You need grand recognition on your personal brand.” He makes the argument that an entrepreneur’s marketing strategies need to be focused on the use of video, audio and the written word.

Happy New Year from The EntreProgrammers Fab Four. Have a great 2015.

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