Episode 44 Size Matters Not

Episode 44 Size Matters Not

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The EntreProgrammers Podcast

The appropriate use of email is now one of the most powerful marketing strategies on the globe. Normally, these insider marketing tactics are unknown to man-womankind, but you are the unnoticed fly on the wall stealing ideas from The EntreProgrammers Mastermind Session.

Flash Moment: John has a book and he’s the author. He shows a copy on-the-air.

The EntreProgrammers have out-done themselves, this time; they brought in the drip. And for you marketing freaks who dwell in the email arena of entrepreneurial promotions, well, this is your lucky podcast because the drip is here and The EntreProgrammers force him to show you how – how to send thousands of emails without looking like a scammer spammer, that is. Oh, yes, the drip…

You know the drip; why sure, he’s The Drip Captain – Rob Walling, special guest of The EntreProgrammers, in this episode. He is the email of genius. And you’ll never guess how many businesses this guy has/had.

Rob’s lifestyle mostly sees him as product launcher, especially during a Kodak moment when Captain Drip figured out that “nearly everyone has used email to accelerate growth.”

Rob Walling
Drip Captain Rob Walling EntreProgrammers Featured Guest

This moment is known as Captain Drip’s Epiphany which led to – you got it – Drip. The question quickly arises: Did Captain Drip figure this out all by himself?

He’s one of the Drip founders, also an “angel investor and mentor.” And he speaks. You’ve probably heard him, throughout the entire year – that’s right, startup conferences. And if you read, you’ve also seen him in “national publications.”

Apparently size does not matter to Captain Drip, author of “Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup.” It’s a guide to bootstrapping a startup, but don’t plan on making it big – become a small, but mighty, entrepreneur. In the programmer’s arena, small is bigger.

Later in the Show: Captain Drip mentions udemy; and John speaks highly of udemy instructor, Dan Wahlin:
Architect and Software Engineer at Wahlin Consulting.

Discussion goes quickly to the disposition of a December market right after John announces that he has switched over to Drip from MailChimp. “And why was that, John?” many have asked. Drip is now providing resolution for all of you MailChimp “bashers.”

Well, then, should we all do what John did? Plus, later in the show, you’ll find out why you don’t actually get “unsubscribed” from a mailing list when you click on “unsubscribe,” the dark-side, captured, held without bail with nothing left to loose.

Must make a purchase to gain your freedom – is that even legal?

You’ll hear the latent complex reasoning, in this episode, as to why it is damn near impossible to free yourself from the capitalistic driven talons of a merciless email marketing campaign that is actually designed specifically for you.

Rob is a founder of Drip and wants to know John’s experience with it in email marketing.

You get extremely valuable – “no, seriously” – insider information regarding management of an exceptionally strong rather complex promotional element known as email marketing. John gives Rob the details of his experience with Drip.

Captain Drip quietly listens…after which, the entire focus zooms-in on Rob Walling when John asks, “What are all your businesses, now?” Rob explains his entrepreneurial obsession with business operations.

A genius at what he does, Rob takes it extremely serious when contemplating business change. Stay tuned, keep it here for the insightful business philosophy on behavioral change, quite detailed, from the thoughts of this GeniusPreneur – Rob Walling.

OMG! Derick is, once again, in entrepreneurial behavior “panic mode.” Your analysis is needed, here; please, oh please, leave your resolution to Derick’s nightmare of panic. Fear not though, for Derick is in the confident consulting hands of Rob Walling.

The EntreProgrammers are teaching you by their example – on stage, transparent and vulnerable – quite simply put, you now have an exceptional opportunity to gain a great deal of deep professional insider insight regarding the complexity of the influential strength which is now found to be characteristic in the arena of email marketing. “Oh no, not more unsolicited pears!”

And so it goes…an email captive.

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