Episode 43 Care Bears Care

Episode 43 Care Bears Care

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The EntreProgrammers Podcast

There is no mercy in this court as The EntreProgrammers rip Derick a new one – a new landing page that is. Before that, this.

(And about John’s book; keep it here for the details. See end of this article.)

You are the fly on the wall and can’t help hearing Derick talking about his new screencast package – soon to be launched. What’s that you say? It’s already been launched? https://sub.watchmecode.net/mongoose/


Ninety-nine Dollars!!!?? Scammer Spammer!!

…but wait, let’s work this out scientifically. Click on your calculator. Enter: Is information that pays for itself ten-times, actually worth it? Oh ya, that’s a tough one, alright; and that ain’t no unsolicited pear, neither.

Time now to be swift in your actions. Yes, we know that you outdo everyone; got to have it now! http://watchmecode.net/mongoose

Well, then, go to Derick’s MongooseJS Fundamentals Screencast Package. Nice! Nice!

Hint: Do it soon. (But, not if passing on insider trading info is illegal in your country.)

It has a 30 day money back guarantee attached to it. Imagine that!

Listen quite closely. These four GeniusPreneurs actually construct a landing page right before your unsolicited pears. What-it-up?

But waves and more waves of relentless criticism seem to have no shattering effect on the “bullet-proof” ego of Derick.

True character of a person shines – or not – under this type of intense analysis. Derick lends a prime opportunity to learn importance of gratitude – all year around.

The people who look inward fill their Spirits with gratitude. The people who look outward fill their Spirits with envy. Which do you think would sell better?

Many are seen expressing their gratitude on Thanksgiving then back to their selfish ways the very next day – not The EntreProgrammers. Perhaps this is why they are so popular. Say what?

Is there a deep latent message here? Is it possible for people to market their services without even mentioning the service that they offer? Get your waders on; it’s getting pretty deep in here.

Charles, John, Josh and Derick are extremely grateful all of the time for you writing comments, so jump on-in to this discussion by voicing your opinions, observations and constructive critical analysis.

After all, it just happens to be all about you – so they would have you think.

So, clue into this episode for the powerful structuring of your landing pages – how to show your gratitude to people who have just landed on your page. Be it done.

Josh has developed a rather “standard Internet marketing funnel.” He simply wants to track it and offer a couple of easy options, but is having trouble locating an app that will do it. John steps in with a solution…

Listen to Josh’s marketing dilemma to see if you, too, share this problem. If you do have a similar trouble, do this: Listen to John’s response, then go to Infusionsoft. Do it. Be it done. www.infusionsoft.com/

Also, you can contact Jeremy Reeves at: www.jeremyreeves.com/ “…a direct response copywriter…specialize in building strategic, automated sales funnels.”

Another success story for The EntreProgrammers is John’s book. Details are in this episode and on his blog: http://SimpleProgrammer.com

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