Episode 42 Unsolicited Pears

Episode 42 Unsolicited Pears

This episode of the Entreprogrammers is brought to you by Baremetrics – SaaS Analytics for Stripe. Ever wonder what your LTV is? What about churn? Are you calculating that junk manually now? Let’s hope not…because you’ve probably gouged your eyes out! Use Baremetrics and get SaaS analytics for your Stripe account is a single click. Seriously. It’s that easy. Check it out now!

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Derick quickly begins with a rather unbelievable announcement that The EntreProgrammers have a new “official” sponsor: Baremetrics. Details next…but first…

How would you like to take a retreat – somewhere – with all 4 of The EntreProgrammers? Yes, this could be another scam to make your business better – face to face, though.

Contact them on the “About” page at https://entreprogrammers.com to let them know about your/their retreat, together. And while you are at it, tell them to break this 90 minute Podcast up into 3 sections – or not.

The EntreProgrammers Podcast will be recorded the same as always, in a 90 minute master of the minds, unrehearsed, transparent show; and you are the fly on the wall.

However, if you would like this 90 minute show to be presented in a 2 or 3 part series throughout the week – or on the same day – to give yourself some time to digest the heavy information presented in the shows, please contact The EntreProgrammers and let them know.

They do love hearing from you. (Catch this discussion at 32 min. and 5 sec. into the show.) In other words, do you fall asleep listening to The EntreProgrammers? Of course you do.

Perhaps a series of three (30 min.) shows published on the same day, or on Monday, Wednesday and Friday would help you learn more and sleep less. Write your thoughts to The EntreProgrammers.

Well, now, just hold the phone, here. Were you asked whether or not Baremetrics would be of any help to you, in any way, shape or form? No sir!!

Is this a scam that will end-up making Ramen noodles The EntreProgrammers’ only meal of each day? (Was that racist?) Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish, you know.

Or, could it be a conspiracy wherein Baremetrics wants to help you develop your business?

So, let’s get a close look at Baremetrics; just exactly who they are and what they do. Oh no, don’t even think of going to: http://baremetrics.io – not just yet; first, go to the blog that is mentioned by Derick in this episode.

To get what’s-up on Baremetrics, fill your mind with an article, titled, How to have an overnight success in 10 short years, by Josh Pigford – it will get you started and thinking about how fast ten years can fly by.

Time, now, to click: https://baremetrics.io/blog/overnight-success Keep in mind, you can actually call the people at Baremetrics on the phone.

Please send your comments to The EntreProgrammers – after thoroughly surfing http://baremetrics.io – to let Charles, Josh, John and Derick know if they have done the right thing. We hope so!

In other words: What is Baremetrics to you – anything? Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Be looking for interviews of The EntreProgrammers conducted by … Steve Young…subjects like how to market yourself course by John and tips from Josh and Derick.

John is getting huge results. Again? He gives you the details on email clicks towards his book. The publisher is not expecting such high results in testimonials and is planning to ship John’s book by Christmas.

Would you like to write a testimonial about his book? Leave your wishes in comments for John to read. Oh, yes…and send a note to Santa!

Trivia Question: What software developer “mostly guided” John in his career? You just might want to latch-on to this guy. (Robert Martin)

What’s that? John’s Cyber Monday sale grossed over $10,000 – get the details in this episode on how he did it.

Charles is organizing and booking a conference that…well, you just might be interested in attending to grow yourself – a lot. Get it here as Charles reveals in-depth.

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