Episode 41 Lost in Cyberspace

Episode 41 Lost in Cyberspace

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The EntreProgrammers Podcast

There is no end in sight for the ongoing work of a programmer – especially an EntreProgrammer. It’s time, now, to surf John’s web site where he’s making significant operational an aesthetic changes.

So, what think you?

Please write your valued comments; The EntreProgrammers love to hear from you, after all, it’s all about you and your struggles in a fast moving informational marketing arena and The EntreProgrammers do share your pain, but for you – remedies to the cause.

So, let these 4 EntreProgrammers go before you to endure the breach and help make your entrepreneurial growth pain free. The struggles continue…

John discusses the changes that he is making on his web site and the importance of having a backup system in place and remarks, “What is the worst thing that could happen.” Josh takes this as his queue to tell the worst thing that could happen – lost in cyberspace.

Josh’s sacred family treasure was completely consumed by the cloud. Dropbox dropped and Josh freaked. Sure, hide all of your bounty in the cloud, but remember one thing, you could lose it all in one little click.

Hear Josh describe his reaction to extremely high value lost in cyberspace. That’s not all; a podcast was also digested by the cloud. Derick tells another story of being lost in cyberspace.

All of this disappearance begs the question: “What is the best backup system to use.” Hear what The EntreProgrammers have to offer on this subject. Dropbox or no dropbox?

Cyber Monday Sales are a hot ticket with The EntreProgrammers. Derick is contemplating what he should sell. What’s your take on this? Listen to Derick, then tell him what you would like to buy during this sale.

Chuck brings light to the importance of knowing the value of a lifetime customer because Derick is considering selling a lifetime subscription. The EntreProgrammers recommend Baremetrics for understanding your lifetime value.