Episode 40 The Pain of Libsyn

Episode 40 The Pain of Libsyn

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

You are the fly on the wall planning informational capture from The EntreProgrammers who are now starting their fortieth episode.

“Do more by doing less” philosophy is reflected in the comparison between Signalleaf and Libsyn; the power of high quality efficiency and simplicity, plus the personal professional attention in service philosophy which is embedded in the design of Signalleaf, as compared to the high learning curve of processing, complexity of engagement and the inadequate corporate philosophy in service that is found in Libsyn does arguably reflect that Signalleaf is more powerful than Libsyn.

Yes, of course, this is a David and Goliath type relationship; but, we all know who won that confrontation. Signalleaf offers an atmosphere where you can actually get more done by having to do less. And so it goes… Signalleaf with its power of simplicity beats Libsyn.

Podcast professionalism has grown significantly over the past 7 years making it imperative that producers book their shows at Signalleaf.com.

Podcast producers new in this highly competitive arena of market and voice should subscribe to Derick’s email series that will show you how to do it well.

Incidentally, development of email lists providing informative usable content is a tremendously powerful marketing strategy – guess what – in this episode, Derick leads The EntreProgrammers to an in-depth analytically Mastermind discussion on just how exactly to accomplish the development and implementation of this email marketing strategy.

If you are pressed for time and can’t listen right now, don’t stress; The EntreProgrammers will always be here to hear you – not a problem. So, listen when you can take the time for lifestyle change through growth of your wisdom, knowledge and creativity.

Derick was found to be rather nervous at the beginning of his presentation at the November conference last week. Although thoroughly rehearsed, he couldn’t explain the sound of vibrating nerves cracking his voice, his hands shaking.

The discussion takes public speaking focus as productive talks are imperative to The EntreProgrammers personal visibility in the marketing arena known for its entrepreneurial efforts. Not to fear because if there is a problem, then there is also a solution.

Derick’s concern takes The EntreProgrammers deep into the behavioral analysis regarding speaker audience relationship – need for a connection; a chemistry bond.

One technique of powerful emphasis – when used appropriately – is the pause; a moment of silence that embeds the presented information forever in the brain.

And the solution arrives when John shares an extremely useful exercise which is to be conducted just before a speaker makes her/his presentation to the audience.

It creates the nerves of steel that is essential for the calm and focus needed to capture the entire audience.

And you’ll hear this great tactical maneuver of Johns, now, in episode 40 of The EntreProgrammers weekly Mastermind Session.

It’s quite natural for an entrepreneur to at least desire capital investment into her/his marketing and work efforts. Does this make the behavior of the entrepreneur a “total sell-out?” Is it ever okay to become a “total sell-out?”

The EntreProgrammers know; they take the discussion to capital investments and John gives everyone the true perspective as to when it is okay or not okay to become a “total sell-out.”

You are invited to jump-in on this discussion; voice your opinion by writing in the comment section in response to this question: “If it’s okay to become a “total sell-out” does that mean everyone “has a price?”

The EntreProgrammers highly appreciate your comments.

Chuck redirects path of discussion by insisting that The EntreProgrammers again focus on the marketing of Derick’s Signalleaf.com podcast hosting site – and Derick is 100% all for this idea.

Chuck also indicates a video that he liked very much and would like to share it with you. The video is one of John’s productions with great advice on efficiency – how to get it all done.

John’s production is titled: How I Plan My Week. In this 8 minute video, John will show you how to get the most out of your day. Thanks Chuck! Click here for John’s video.

Drop by Signalleaf.com and check the nice look and feel that Derick has developed. Arguably one of the nicest.

To produce and market your own show is an extremely exciting endeavor. There is no place better to learn how to do it well and book it well than Signalleaf.com.

Derick will personally coach you on your podcast theme, development, production and promotional marketing to ensure that it truly becomes your voice to the world.

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