Episode 36 Anti-Sponsor Apple Amazon

Episode 36 Anti-Sponsor Apple Amazon

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

John’s funny look says it all when Derick says he wants to do a crazy radio broadcaster introduction for The EntreProgrammers Podcast which has received over 20,000 listeners according to the stats on Signalleaf.com podcast hosting service.

Apple destroys a tremendous amount of programming by Josh, and he’s not too please about it; therefore, Josh awards Apple as an Anti-Sponsor. Check out, in this episode, everything Josh did that Apple literally broke down.

Do you know a corporation that should be given the award of Anti-Sponsor for negligence towards human beings? Write in the comment section below and let The EntreProgrammers blast big business for human negligence.

The EntreProgrammers go up against the biggest there is and fear no one. In addition to Apple’s human negligence, John gives Amazon a big award of Anti-Sponsor, which is also backed-up by Derick, for a ridiculous marketing strategy that could be called an outright lie. You’ll hear their remarks in this episode.

Can you recover from a computer crash? Do you have off-sight storage?

The EntreProgrammers want you to play it safe and get into a big discussion about the value of storage space and where it should be located. How would you feel if you woke-up one morning and all of your files where gone – floating around somewhere in cyber space?

When you have a great deal of valuable content, do you know what to do with it? You’ll hear some productive and powerful ideas on this subject as The EntreProgrammers examine the use of their own accumulated content. Josh shares some remarkable ideas.

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