Episode 35 Appreciation

Episode 35 Appreciation

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

John talks about his experience with a “grumpy” cable guy and billing without TV that doesn’t really make any sense. The EntreProgrammers discuss download and upload power from their ISP.

John’s book is over 1,000 in sales plus the publisher is suggesting a video to go with the book. Is this the beginning of a trend? Do you think publishers will begin asking for videos with the author’s book? Leave your comment.

The subject of conversion rate comes up as The EntreProgrammers analyze this process. What percentage of visitors should be converted into customers?

Derick is focused on Signalleaf. He has come up with informative tracking procedures that every podcast producer should have, even a 6 week period.

The discussion goes to the importance of diet; Josh has a little person emergency and takes leave. Derick tells a funny story about silly putty. Remember that stuff? Ever get it in your hair?

Josh talks about his early days as a writer and how many of the people around him didn’t use a calendar. It definitely was a learning experience – Josh tells all.

Planning and scheduling is always an important task for the entrepreneur, but there is a good and bad way to go about this. John explains the necessity of staying flexible.

Do you appreciate who you are and what you have? Derick takes this idea and talks down to earth as he begins to realize just how good he has it. Talking to a friend resulted in somewhat of an epiphany.

Perhaps, the single most important outstanding characteristic of the successful entrepreneur is to “know thyself” in the arena of appreciation. How do you feel about this?

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