Episode 34 Warrior Diet

Episode 34 Warrior Diet

The EntreProgrammers Podcast


Humans replaced by code?

What’s good in the computer market? What’s the warrior diet? Programming robots? Why doesn’t Josh like iPhones? Derick’s Kindle Paperwhite is a lie?

Derick refers to an EntreProgrammer fan, Matt Kremer, who offers a great deal of valuable information. Visit Matt’s web site at: https://kobra.io/

A rather confusing arena of marketing, programming and technology tackled by The EntreProgrammers, now makes more sense; these 3 smash the in-denial Apple which seems to think that it’s your fault.

You get an in depth analysis of computers from The EntreProgrammers in this episode, and of course, a lot more – Josh reveals computer marketing as unethical; John predicts the way of the future in computer design; Derick implicates Microsoft Surface 3 will discontinue; and in a conference presentation, demonstrates that your robot can be programmed by writing code.

Plus: Dip your phone or iPod in plastic? John explains.

You are the fly on the wall and you have The EntreProgrammers’ spontaneous, transparent and unrehearsed mastermind session. Could it be that these 3 EntreProgrammers have totally lost their minds? That the captain has truly left the bridge? Are they nuts?

It’s extremely important to eat well; hopefully, someday everyone on this planet will. Food creates behavior which greatly influence the decisions often made in the crucial development of programming and marketing strategy thriving in the entrepreneurial arena.

Maximus development of “self” depends on good food. Why are The EntreProgrammers eating only 1 meal per day – around 800 to 1,000 calories? Do you think that these 3 developerneurs are actually losing it?

The EntreProgrammers explain advantages of the warrior diet. Add your comments to this discussion. How do you feel about what The EntreProgrammers are doing? What is it that you do?

John has been on the warrior diet for 2.5 months. Says he feels great.

Derick is in Oklahoma City, recently gave a presentation at a conference and tells you all about it – ways to control robots, program them to obey your commands. Just think; humans can be replaced with coed. Write some code to program your robot…

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