Episode 331 “The Name of the Game”

We’re Live. John Was recently in a conference where he had to some talking and the topic was a bit controversial, it was basically a “Mans man” conference but he had the approach of feminism.

Many women were there just to get the perception that will lead them out of the toxic ways of false feminism, for John it was like talking to the enemy and give advice. He had to play an important part in the game where he has to help both sides in the conflict, the best thing about this is that it will always benefit him and his business.

In other topics, Mani is currently looking to hire a copywriter for a longterm position, he wants to systemize various places in his business, copywriting is one of them, in other to be ready for any upcoming tasks coming through

Thought of the week

Mani – “ That’s why it’s called The game”