Episode 328 “High Stress Levels”

We’re Live. John is currently on his training for the 100-mile marathon, actually on site. There’s actually rumors of a possible cancellation of the whole event due to the pandemic.

Bulldog Mindset has got a good Growth recently on the membership side of things, numbers are rising organically at a good pace, small changes on the sales page, and really good content have been working to get a nice flow of prospects.

Chuck on the other is on the process of transition to the full-time job, managing and documenting his time to take over some of his business so they won’t need him as often. All this is taking a toll on Chuck, he has been suffering of fatigue and productivity has been low due to all that’s going on.

Thoughts of the week

Chuck – “I´m not thrilled to go get a job but… Bills have to be paid”