Episode 32 Marcus Aurelius

Episode 32 Marcus Aurelius

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Derick talks about his production schedule with WatchMeCode, just after spending 2.5 hours behind the mic. The approach that John recommended 2 weeks ago is now working for Derick as he focuses on one project for one week.

Derick’s description of his production schedule is a lesson in itself to all entrepreneurs who plan their daily and weekly schedules. Derick’s estimation on how long a project would take was off just a little. So, how long does it take to write a book?

Do you ever get a potential client who says, “I want a web site. How long will it take to build it?” Capture all of the details to a project that you possibly can. The accuracy of your estimation is counting on it.

Derick has the rest of the year planned out. He is focused, yet consultation is getting a little “scary” as he pushes up against that deadline.

Josh has “too much going on right now” and has decided to quit SitePoint. This successful EntreProgrammer seems to be constantly choosing his successes. What happens when you succeed? Then what do you do? Enter Marcus Aurelius.

It’s extremely important that entrepreneurs learn how to deal with the consequences of success. John talks about this in some detail. Ironically, success can destroy the best of entrepreneurs. John helps to find us answers to this dilemma in the writings of the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.

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