Episode 31 Nice! Nice!

Episode 31 Nice! Nice!

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

John, who didn’t know how to program his alarm clock, was almost a no-show as a result. That’s because time just does not exist in Hawaii.

Josh wants to hear all about John’s book, so John gives the details – about 1,000 sold, so far – along with future marketing plans. John plans to rock the community when he returns to The EntreProgrammer arena.

Then a big discussion takes place concerning Josh’s intent to consult. The other 2 EntreProgrammers most definitely have something to say about that – WARNING! But Josh stands his ground. Josh trains to consult. But, what do you have when you consult?

Both John and Derick have backgrounds as consultants and go into rather lengthy detail as to the ups and downs of this entrepreneurial effort. Josh describes how he is going about capturing clients in the consultation arena.

The EntreProgrammers are hot for debate, sniffing the trail of resolutions. What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? It takes the ability to endure.

John pushes the point that when you start, don’t stop and reroute. This will ruin the already developed effort, only to start a new one all over again.

John not only writes books, he reads them, too! And he’s got a great one going now. The author goes into great detail about how to develop new constructive powerful habits offering that kind of growth that gets you places. Discipline is merely habit.

Derick is liking his new way of doing his projects; focusing one week on one project at a time. He explains his achievements and high energy productivity.

John notices that Derick seems to be feeling pretty darn good these days. Wonder if his accomplishments have anything to do with that?

And so it goes…

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