Episode 30 Discipline Merely Habit

Episode 30 Discipline Merely Habit

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Derick is making behavioral changes in his project line-up. This week is screen cast; next week, Signalleaf. Is Derick aware of the psychological phenomenon wherein a change of behavior will also bring temporary anxieties?

These anxieties have been known to force an individual to stay in her/his comfort zone which means that the new behavior intended does not become reality. Discipline is merely habit.

Tune-in to see how Derick deals with his new schedule. Some entrepreneurs take on this philosophy: “I love what I do; if it ever turns into a job, I’ll quit!”

Entrepreneurs often go through this exact procedure that Derick speaks of. Are you? This new approach for Derick was recommended to him last week by John and Josh. For this episode, Josh is away on other business, returning to the show next week.

Be sure to check-out some of detailed marketing strategy that Josh and Derick plan to deploy for the development of Signalleaf. For those of you who may have missed it, Josh is now working with Derick in the marketing of Signalleaf – nice!

John’s book sales are likely headed to 7 or 8 hundred, by now, which guarantees that it will go to print. He gives details in this episode. You just might want to hear this whether you are writing a book or not.

Tracking is a necessity when looking for information about the people that traffic your site which, of course, is why you are being tracked right now. But what system should you use? John talks about tracking in real estate then Derick takes it to program marketing.

Derick mentions several ways to get that information. John makes a great point when discussing why a person would use that information and how to use it. There are several reasons, not all of which are good. The EntreProgrammers know; they live it.

Derick elaborates in depth about what information he needs to calculate accurate pricing. These are details that every entrepreneur should have captured along the way to successful marketing and production in later efforts of the marketing arena.

One service that Derick really shouts is: https://baremetrics.io/ Check it out. John shares with Derick, living in the now.

Is living in the now a good thing for The EntreProgrammers?

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