Episode 291 “The Witchhunt Continues!”

We’re live. And the Witchhunt Continues!

Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, they are still pursuing Chuck and John to take them down from the internet (LOL). This is practically impossible for 2 main reasons, John is practically showing his middle finger to their faces and he’s just going to keep at it, that’s just how John is, and in a Witchhunt that just doesn’t work. On the other hand, Chuck Does not even care, it’s just not that important for him and this type of behavior also freaks out the mob.

But they are still coming for them, Chuck is receiving much more attacks because they still think they can take him down. It’s just not going to happen, deal with it people.

Thought of the week

John – “In order to have a Witchhunt, there needs to be fear and it´s not happening”