Episode 29 Existential Crisis

Episode 29 Existential Crisis

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Can you help Josh find himself? It takes a long time to know who you are and this EntreProgrammer is in the middle of an entrepreneurial career shift which is causing him to feel a little anxious. During a behavioral change anxieties do occur, but they are temporary.

Could it be that Josh needs to focus on where he is going, rather than where he is? Time, now, for you to listen to this podcast to hear the situation of Josh. Changes like this do happen in the arena of EntreProgrammers; we should know how to handle them when they do occur.

But first this: John wants to know about “the pictures” that were hi-jacked from iCloud. The metadata in this investigation points to a big screw-up by Apple, and just before Apple plans to introduce more of their “goodies” for all of us to buy. Josh accuses John of a hack job cover-up.

Dereck is ready to hang-up the phone on this one. He wants nothing to do with it. What’s your take on this? The celebrity photo hack was first posted on 4Chan – now they’re everywhere. Josh said it best when stating “whatever you think is public.”

The conversation in this meeting of the minds goes to John’s book. The publishers are going on a test ride with John’s beginning chapters – he explains the strategy, but then John is caught off guard and doesn’t want to anger his customers. What do you think he should do?

The EntreProgrammers spin into resolution mode.

What about the family? The EntreProgrammers discuss what it’s like to work at home with young children banging on their computers. John gets right to the point when talking about his retirement.

The EntreProgrammers go on the hunt to solve Derick’s existential crisis. Does Derick realize how good he has it? Does he appreciate himself and the wonders of life? It takes a long time to know yourself.

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