Episode 286 “Start From Zero?”

We´re Live. Guys start the conversation sharing a few laughs about an accident that Chuck had and has a nice scar in the head to prove it hehe (Harry potter Reference comes in).

Chuck´s First Marathon is coming in, he feels ready. John Gives him some advice but overall it’s looking good for chuck.

John Gives a summary of what he is currently doing with Simple Programmer and the plans that he has for the future of SP. As far as everything goes this is a business that´s self-sustainable wich is good.

Mani asks him, what would John do differently if SP started from cero. The First thing John says is taking off his face from the branding. When a business is based on yourself it makes it so difficult to transition.

The great conversation starts here on how to start a business and how to make it work.

Thoughts of the week

John – “Competition has become so hard on youtube, back in the days you needed content, now you need to have a good looking ass”