Episode 285 “Track Your Sales”

We´re Live. Mani is running different ways to do sales at this point. Just to make it more fun or interesting. This set up quite a nice topic on discounts.

This is a double-sided blade, yes, you will sell, but there´s going to be a point that you are only going to sale when there´s a discount, there are many ways to work this to your advantage. Take Udemy for example, they only sell with discounts, and it works.

GTM comes to conversation, any tracking method in that case. Mani wants this set up and the best advice that Satya gives him, yeah this task can be outsourced but he needs to make sure what he wants to track.

There´s actually a lot of pages and stuff that can be tracked, if the path is not laid down correctly It can get really confusing and just track the wrong thing.

Thoughts of the week

Satya – “Make sure you know what you want to track on your sales”