Episode 284 “New Blood”

We´re Live. Ladies and Gentleman, We Have new blood on Entreprogrammers.

Welcome To Satya Mallick!

Satya is an entrepreneur and gives us a brief review of his work, a small presentation of self if you will. Been on various business and had some success.

Satya starts an interesting conversation about skills that an engineer needed 5 or 10 a years ago, but he´s looking into the future now. Guys totally agree on this, AI is everywhere today from self-driven cars to computers that make their own decisions.

John Talks a little about the transition of Simple Programmer, Everything is going good for both of them (John and Josh). Really positive movement for Josh, Gets good payment for 30 months and gets to work on his own thing. So, Much success to Josh on his endeavors

Thoughts of the week

Satya – “An Engineer without programming skills 5 years ago was useless… In 5 years without AI skills it will be useless too”