Episode 282 “Long Term Decisions”

We´re Live. The conversation starts on how much Chuck is doing in half a month, he is crunching really good numbers, although he´s been slacking on his major focus which is sponsorship sales, this is great for him because he´s a master at this. John Tells him clearly, that he doesn’t know anybody who can do that amount of sales in so little time. So, Kudos Chuck.

Josh is struggling with a very important decision business-wise, its something that could take him years to work, so he´s looking for advice from the guys. Big Decision from him, apparently he´s going solo with other projects. John is trying to prepare him as much as possible

On the other hand, John needs to make decisions too based on this, Josh did a lot of the day to day business that keeps bringing Revenue on this entrepreneurship.

Thoughts of the week

CHUCK – “The Thing is, as long your delivering value they´ll keep paying you”