Episode 281 “Your Money, My Time”

We´re Live. The guys talk about about a system to minimize decisions called Flywheel, it works really well. Mani explained clearly, with fewer decisions you add it works better so you need to focus.

Chuck is getting really good on his running, is competing on a Bulldog Mindset Challenge against marathon runners and he´s killing it.

Chuck is planning to charge people to manage other people podcast until they can get all their sponsors and experience ready, which is brilliant. Charges $2500 per podcast a month, until they get their sponsorship. Really easy money for Chuck.

John and Mani give really good advice on this, Chuck is in the stage that he can charge a minimum amount for any of his services, and still get the client no problem. John says his minimum is a $1000, if it’s less it is just not worth the time.

Thoughts of the week

John – “If its not a $1000 I don’t even bother to open the email”