Episode 28 Author Craig McKeachie

Episode 28 Author Craig McKeachie

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

John is in Hawaii. Still? Derick broadcasts from Texas and Josh talks from Pennsylvania; and The EntreProgrammers have a special guest, author Craig McKeachie who is broadcasting from his house.

How long does it take to write a book? The EntreProgrammers and Craig tell you.

Craig is the author of:

So, we have 4 authors – also entrepreneurs – in this episode discussing the difficulties that come with writing a book, being a programmer and entrepreneur, and of course, promoting and marketing that which they create.

You just now flew in and have become the fly on the wall.

Craig gives the premise of the book that he wrote, “It’s basically like a book that compares and contrasts angularjs, ember and backbone and talks about a lot of the pros and cons and helps you kind a quickly learn them all by learning them together instead of like learning them separately which would require you reading 5 or 10 books, that sort a thing.”

Author Craig McKeachie

Visit Craig McKeachie at: http://www.funnyant.com/javascript-framework-guide/

This gives you the opportunity to purchase his book in addition to taking in other useful information published on his site.

Down load a sample chapter and the table of contents to read what’s in his book; and check-out the section: LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS which includes Ari Lerner, Derick Bailey, Ward Bell, Brennan Dunn, Brian Sam-Boden and Nathan Barry.

Vacations are supposed to be healthy for you. On the down-side, a vacation can actually hurt you and your entrepreneurial efforts. John elaborates on this subject.

The EntreProgrammers go into a rather lengthy and detailed discussion with Craig about the benefits of doing guest blog posts, posts in a community and article sites. And Craig has a system which, of course, he talks about.

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