Episode 277 “Social Media Transformation”

We´re Live. John is checking back with his 10 Pomodoro a day technique, and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. It´s the equivalent of 4 weeks of work in 1 week, that´s something else. To put the cherry on top, between 5 Pomodoro break, he´s reading a book.

John talks about some real state he´s been making recently, that´s something that he can’t stop doing and makes a lot of progress on it, it just makes a good revenue, on the other Josh asks him how are things with Bulldog Mindset, stable position but he´s been losing some subscribers. Emphasis on growing on youtube, the algorithm has changed so much which makes it really difficult to progress.

Social media has changed a lot throughout the years, one of the main reasons why is so difficult to grow, its because there´s so much content right now. There´s a lot and depends on the audience in the case of the length of videos, for example, some people prefer small curated content than a full contrast of one point.

Thoughts of the week

JOHN – “The best strategy in social media is to be prolific as possible”