Episode 276 “You´ve got to push through”

We´re Live. Google Hangouts is finally going die and supposedly going to be replaced by Youtube Webcam, we´ll see how it goes. Other topics, Charles feel off a roof and really hurt his elbow, he has a really funny anecdote on it. He´s a little worried because he´s got a 5k really soon, his doctor will tell him.

There´s an interesting argument with the guys about how Doctors do stuff, are they really needed? They all agree that doctors (Medics) mostly work o tell you what is wrong and prescribe you medicine, but there´s an actual belief that they don’t actually fix the stuff that you wanted to be fixed. Charles says clearly that he will go to anyone who really believes that he can fix him!

Charles is getting really serious about running, Jonh has solid advice on how to push through the fatigue that accumulates off all the training. It’s really a difficult job to do the only way to do it its to have the mindset for it.

John talks about the Pomodoro technique, It has been doing 10 Pomodoro a day, but the game changer here is that he´s not looking at his phone until he completes the 10 Pomodoro. The results are amazingly good.

Thoughts of the day

JOHN – “Put the phone down and do the work!”