Episode 273 “Youtube Algorithm”

We´re Live. Mani wants some feedback on a video that changes his traffic with little details changed on it like changing the title and thumbnail, there was a huge difference in traffic and the guys are analyzing it. They´re not sure what actually happened, the various hypothesis is on but is a mystery still. They Go through all the changes you can make to a youtube video just to make sure what makes the dramatic uprise.

The main concern is the tags, which actually it only leads the search engine to find the video, the guys agree that tags have no effect whatsoever, but Mani insists that the tags must do something, if not, why keep them? Youtube algorithm has changed a lot across the years, so it is essential to get up to date with this changes, your strategy can just plummet in a day if you don’t know what´s happening.

John claims that Youtube is a neural network, they have enough data to take the decisions of which videos will be recommended in your feed and what not, the algorithm do changes every now then but the concept remains the same.

Thoughts of the week

“Youtube is a temporary business, it’s not eternal so you have to learn how to move in the network”