Episode 272 “Build Your Brand”

We´re Live. Mani Talks to the guys about an email campaign about some new courses that he´s developing and looking for feedback on this especially from Josh who´s done this lots of times for Simple Programmer.

The main topic in this conversation is that when your doing a campaign there are two ways to do it, build the products for a brand you´re already working on and be correlated to the brand or the product itself alone, this depends on how are you running things and what are the end results you are looking for.

Mani talks about his entrepreneurship on book summaries and explain to the guys how this has become a great way to get a profit, but not only that, the knowledge and content that people are aware with this is tremendous and that´s what´s makes the difference between selling the book itself and the summary.

Josh gives an example of a brand transition, this happened with Simple Programmer. John Message didn’t get through completely people got really confused with it at some point. Charles recommends that they should circle back to their basic idea and build it from there because there´s already an audience, they will lose some people but actually gain newcomers.

Thoughts of the week

Mani: “If you don’t focus your push on the brand, that´s a recipe for disaster”