Episode 271 “Price Point”

We´re live. Mani talks with John about how he´s preparing to come back to his cycle of work, always a difficult thing to do especially when you have a long vacation. Mani is thinking about some launch that he wants to do, and his rambling on ideas. John Advice him to focus on the main plan, getting back to the cycle is crucial and focus is what he needs.

The next item in hand for mani was to set the price point, critical issue because it is based on a lot of factors and can be the decisive point between getting amazing success and just blowing it all away. The most important factor in this is the value of the product.

This can get really deep and dense especially when the product is expensive, setting the price point is based on the trust that the client has in it, there can be a lot of people that can pay high prices but not all of them are willing to do it because of that fact, there is no trust that the product will work for the client.

Thoughts of the Week

MANI – “ The Price Point is a crucial decision, if you don’t know what to put, you´re stuck, You´re f*cked”