Episode 270 “You Pay For Social Media”

We´re Live. Mani is back from his vacation, he reiterates how cheap it is to travel to Thailand and Bali. Although he had an amazing time and lots of fun, he was looking to work every day at least 4 hours but it becomes really difficult because he couldn’t find a proper place to work. He explains how difficult is to work and especially focus when the only space you have to work is a crappy desk, tried going to coffee shops but didn’t work either. Changing Hotels did the trick found some accommodations that a proper desk in the room and he could do at least 6 hours of work a day and still have lots of fun.

Mani explains how important it is to really take a look at the expense and cost of time when you do something. Talks about a theory that says, if people would pay for the use of social media, how much will they pay? HE clearly says that people are already paying for social because the goal of social media is to catch your attention, they don’t sell content, they are consuming your time and attention which is the most expensive pay you could ever do.

Thoughts of the week

MANI- “Everything has a cost, especially when the toll is time”