Episode 27 Live by the Sword…

Episode 27 Live by the Sword…

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

(Background SFX: Birds of Hawaii)

In recent episodes, Derick explains that he has several irons in the fire and isn’t quite sure where to put his focus. This episode reveals a totally focused Derick; and his focus is Signalleaf.

Clue in to this episode for major upgrades to the podcast site, Signalleaf.

And Josh is another focused EntreProgrammer, writing approximately 5,500 words, hoping to get it published on the popular Pat Flynn web log as a guest post. Well, did Flynn accept Josh’s proposal?

Josh implements a sneaky tactic on the email sent to Flynn; interesting is that Flynn is the one who taught Josh the sneaky tactic. Would you like to use this tactic?

Josh tells the whole story in this episode. Plus, Josh and Derick form a team.

Click here for Flynn’s web log: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/blog/ Maybe Josh is a guest! Josh elaborates on his relationship with Flynn and checks the Drip report.

Should you clean your emailing list?

MailChimp appears to be headed for trouble. The EntreProgrammers investigate.

The EntreProgrammers dig into MailChimp; what’s it good for, not good for. John brings-up something that he is rather disgusted with about the email service – holidays. And Drip just keeps getting better. Would you like to visit Drip? https://www.getdrip.com/

Would you like the builder of Drip to appear on The EntreProgrammers show? Give your comments.

Josh has a moment of realizing who he really is brought on by a survey that he took through AdWords. And it leads into a discussion with Derick. Are the 2 becoming a team with the mission to market Signalleaf? What a team it will be.

In the discussion between Josh and Derick, the subject of content strategist comes-up.

“If anybody is interested in a content strategist…” http://www.copy-cat.co/ Momoko Price has worked with Derick on Signalleaf; Derick highly recommends her.

There is big news about John’s book. He has received 4 and 5 star reviews. So, John will be adding a few changes to the book – in Hawaii – with the publishing date set tentatively for December 10th, 2014.

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