Episode 269 “Python is on”

We´re Live. Chuck tells how ti went with the podcast booth. I manage to get a lot a business and a lot of sponsors, lots of contacts were made, which was the main goal for the booth, so incredibly great for Charles. The best thing about booth is that is movable, Charles is looking to get to the booth on many conferences as possible.

Josh Gives some ideas and programs that Charles can have shows with. Python is on right now, its really really popular between programmers and is the actual niche, Charles agrees, he´s a bit surprised but its something that has been growing rapidly.

John Charles about his running schedule. Charles tells him that he´s doing really good, that the main problem that he had was that, not that it hurt (Wich it didn’t ), it was that he felt completely bored doing it, its completely mind game to pass this barrier, cause the distances get longer.

Thoughts of the week

CHARLES – “All it matters is that you have the mental fortitude to keep going, whether you like it or not”