Episode 268 “The Simple Programmer Show”

We´re Live. No Mani today, he´s on vacation in Thailand and Charles we are not sure where he is. So this is a Simple Programmer guys show. Guys talk about possible negotiations for the future of SP and a lot of people that are turning down because they don’t have a clue what they want or how to do anything even.

There´s a pretty nice option in the table that can bring a lot of profit, but the guys need to talk to the person, there are funnels that work and are completely functional and proven to bring great profit, so they just need to get in sync.

Python is making a lot of money these days, you can make six figures being a python freelancer, the guys are aiming this way.

Guys talk about ads that were added to Facebook, and how they were not being really efficient.

Thoughts of the week

John – “Python Freelancers are making six figures, that´s amazing”